Transforming Airline Retail

Datalex at World Aviation Festival | 1-2 December 2021 | Booth A4

Transforming Airline Retail

Datalex at World Aviation Festival | 1-2 December 2021 | Booth A4

"In today’s COVID environment, airlines need greater control of the offer, the ability to react quickly to market changes and drive efficiencies wherever possible. Datalex' product portfolio was created to do just that.

Datalex Team in Madrid

Datalex Team 


About Datalex

Datalex is a market leader in digital commerce for travel retail. Datalex provides airlines with unique products to drive revenue and profit as digital retailers.

Today the Datalex Digital Commerce Platform enables a travel marketplace of over one billion shoppers covering every corner of the globe, driven by some of the world’s most innovative airline retail brands.

Datalex’s customers include JetBlue Airways, Air China, Tianjin Airlines, West Air, Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines, Urumqi Air, Air Changan, SAS, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Copa Airlines, Aer Lingus, Edelweiss, Air Transat and Trailfinders. The Group is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and maintains offices across Europe, the USA and China.


Digital Configurator

Digital Configurator: Real-Time Retail Control

More than ever, airlines need greater control of the offer, the ability to react quickly to market changes and drive efficiencies wherever possible. Through a highly sophisticated, cloud-based interface, the Digital Configurator provides airlines with nano-second offer control. Airline business users can quickly change their ancillary and pricing in response to customer demands, competition and fluctuating market factors. With a core focus on simplicity and speed, it allows airlines' business teams to bring their changes to production without involving IT, thus realising significant savings in time and cost, and enabling cutting edge product differentiation through direct and indirect channels. Read More


Digital Configurator


Datalex Products

Datalex Merchandiser – Connect, Engage and Monetise

DLX Merchandiser

Datalex Merchandiser

Unlock New Revenues Beyond the Seat

Datalex Merchandiser is an airline-controlled merchandising engine that allows airlines to create customer-centric product and service offers across all retailing touchpoints and points-of-sale. It enables airlines to deploy intelligent merchandising strategies across any channel and every touchpoint, generating high-value ancillary revenue and optimising traveller engagement at every point in their journey.

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DLX Direct

Datalex Direct

Unlock the Potential of Travel Retail

Datalex Direct, with Datalex integrated IBE, is an end-to-end digital commerce solution for all airline direct channels and all other digital touchpoints and direct sales channels. It combines the most advanced and comprehensive Offer and Order Management with in-depth customer insights to deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale, with agility and speed to market.

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DLX Dynamic

Datalex Dynamic

Intelligent Product and Price Determination

Datalex Dynamic powers intelligent product and price determination capabilities enabling airlines to dynamically create optimised and relevant priced products, offered across all touchpoints and channels. Datalex Dynamic arms airlines with the intelligence, ultra-flexibility, and speed to create offers in real-time that reflect and adapt to super-fast-moving demand trends and that vastly improve the relevance and conversion of dynamically created offers.

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Datalex NDC

Enhanced Retailing Capabilities Across All Channels

Datalex NDC (IATA Level 4 Certified) offers airlines full NDC offer and order management capabilities to control and optimise offers and enable a consistent customer experience across all sales channels. Datalex NDC includes integration with a large number of supplier sources across all travel domains, thus enabling the ability to dynamically orchestrate offer creation and order management between any number of participants and driving airlines forward on the path to better retailing for the travel industry.

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