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Datalex Exclusive Research

This exclusive Datalex report reflects insights from independent research commissioned by Datalex with over 150+ senior airline executives worldwide regarding their digital retail ambitions for 2023, with a particular focus on when airlines plan to migrate away from their PSS and how they view the role of AI in transforming Revenue Management.

This is coupled with findings from further research commissioned by Datalex with 10,000 travellers worldwide to identify their buying habits and when they are most likely to purchase additional ancillaries as well as the types of payment innovation they are looking for. 

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What Our Leadership Team Says...

An indicative finding of this research for me is the signalling by airlines surveyed of an imminent transition away from the PSS, something we at Datalex have been anticipating for some time. The path to unified offers and orders should be viewed as a gradual, transformational digitisation initiative, with the overall view that this will unshackle airlines from legacy processes that continue to hamper digital best practice. It’s an exciting ambition and something we are laser focused on at Datalex.
Conor O'Sullivan
Chief Product Officer, Datalex
This research by Datalex underpins that urgency and importance of a technology strategy that has a firm eye on the future state for the airline tech stack, breaking free from legacy, transitioning to tech modularity and embracing the potential of AI, exploring new innovation around payments and embedding a unified offers and orders merchandising layer.
Brian Lewis
Chief Technology Officer, Datalex

It’s clear that 2023 represents a unique inflection point for the airline industry, as it is purported to be the first ‘normal’ year post COVID and within this renewed opportunity and environment, airlines can move from survival mode to now focusing on travel retailing optimisations. Our research clearly signals the need and urgency for increased digital investment, demonstrates a more progressive airline mindset poised for innovation and a traveller eagerly awaiting the retail modernisation coming down the line.


Bryan Porter
Chief Revenue Officer, Datalex

Airlines need to focus on the future value of their proposition – otherwise they will be caught in a vicious cycle of never making any true, quantum digital leaps. The disruptive lightbulb moment will occur when an airline stops using the PSS as source of truth and pursues a strategy of legacy independence.

Emma Holohan
VP of Strategy & Transformation, Datalex

The airlines that will emerge on top will be those that engage in ancillary merchandising strategies around dynamic pricing, dynamic bundling of ancillaries and personalised customer experience will ensure the gap between high-end airline retailers and those who are not, becomes undeniable.

Jeremiah McAuliffe
Senior Product Manager, Datalex Merchandiser

For the Datalex NDC team, the increased investment in NDC as indicated by the airline survey is a great endorsement of the value of this technology. NDC is enabling a closer relationship between airlines and travel agencies - a truly symbiotic relationship. NDC is so much more than an api, it’s a language that we can all speak to understand each other and work together more effectively.

Maria Gray
Senior Product Manager, Datalex NDC

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Virgin Australia

Who are we

Datalex is driving airlines’ future growth by digitalising the end-to-end travel retail experience on every device, across every distribution channel and at every touchpoint in the customer journey. Our products are powering the digital retail strategy for airline brands worldwide – including Virgin Australia, JetBlue, Air Transat, Aer Lingus, and newly announced, easyJet.

McKinsey has estimated that a $40 billion retailing opportunity will exist for airlines by 2030. With our omni channel product suite focused on enabling airlines to drive revenue as digital retailers, we enable airlines to address a large untapped market, cut through legacy complexity and to win in their marketplace. Most recently we launched a product focused on transforming Revenue Management and airlines pricing strategies leveraging AI – Datalex Pricing AI.

Our Products

Datalex is a market leader in digital commerce for travel retail. The Datalex product portfolio provides airlines with a unique solution to drive revenue and profit as digital retailers.

Transform Revenue Management with Datalex Pricing AI

Datalex Pricing AI will transform Revenue Management strategies using unique AI models, empowering airlines to build competitive advantage by differentiating through data in real-time and at scale. This product has been built for future-focused airlines​​ who want to supercharge their pricing strategy, by scaling intelligence, and differentiating across the airline’s network in real-time.  

For too long, airlines have been restricted in their abilities to strategically price their flights and remain consistently competitive. Rules-based revenue management processes have taken over in recent years, attempting to overcome these constraints, but this isn’t a reactive or optimal foundation for the future of airline pricing. At Datalex, we’ve created a world, where pricing rules no longer exist, and pricing never sleeps.


Generate Millions in Ancillary Revenues with Datalex Merchandiser

Datalex Merchandiser enables airlines to deploy intelligent merchandising strategies across any channel and every touchpoint, generating high-value ancillary revenue and optimising traveller engagement at every point in their journey.

Connecting customers with content that matches their need when they need it, engaging them with a superior, personalised experience and monetising content across the travel lifecycle.


Complete Control of your Indirect Channel with Datalex NDC

Datalex NDC is a market-leading NDC product which offers airlines full NDC offer and order management capabilities to control, optimise and differentiate offers and to enable a consistent customer experience across all sales channels​. 

Datalex NDC enables airlines to dynamically orchestrate offer creation and order management between any number of agency participants and driving airlines forward on the path to truly modern retailing for the travel industry. 

Significant cost-savings and untapped revenue opportunities are there for the taking in the NDC world. With advanced products like Datalex NDC, airlines can kickstart competitive differentiation.

Unlock the Potential of Travel Retail with Datalex Direct

Datalex Datalex Direct, with Datalex integrated IBE, is an end-to-end digital commerce solution for all airline direct channels and all other digital touchpoints and direct sales channels from mobile, to kiosk, call-centre UI, and so on. It combines the most advanced and comprehensive Offer and Order Management with in-depth customer insights to deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale, with agility and speed to market. Offering customers a digital retail experience they want and expect – fast and frictionless – with the right content at the right time.

Datalex Direct allows you to create a travel ecosystem accessible from any digital device and optimise your e-commerce strategies with a consumer-centric solution.

Integrate with product and services from third-party suppliers and distribute offers via any channel or on any device.

Providing powerful merchandise and service options that generate millions in additional revenues with a greater personalised travel experience.

Dynamically Determind and Optimised Offers with Datalex Dynamic

With Datalex Dynamic, airlines can create irresistible, dynamically determined offers that just can’t be left behind.

We power sophisticated offer optimisation capabilities, allowing airlines to build customer-centric, contextualised, and relevant offers for air and non-air products that gives each unique offer the best chance of winning market share of your customers’ wallet.


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