Bridge the gap between today and the future of tomorrow with Datalex's Offer & Order Management System

Bridge the gap between today and the future of tomorrow


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Cloud-based, scalable and modular products, built to provide a next generation retailing solution
for airlines. 


Our Offer & Order Management System is trusted by world-leading airline companies. 


Datalex's Order Management System can be used with or without a PSS.

Discover Datalex's Offer & Order Capabilities


Product Catalogue - Key Capabilities

1. Create and maintain products & services
- Air Ancillary
- Non-air Ancillary
- Third-party products and services
- Consumer goods
- Air Bundles
- Ancillary Bundles
- Seat Maps
2. Rich Content
3. Legacy and Order fulfilment
4. Change & cancel policies
5. Import and export
6. Multi-Language... 

Stock Keeper - Key Capabilities

1. Create and maintain stock levels
2. Adjust stock/ capacity updates
3. Physical and oversell stock
4. Stock pooling
5. Multiple states
- Available
- In cart
- Booked
6. Real-time and batch updates
7. Stock reports / RM integration...

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Why make the move?


Customer Centricity is crucial

Customer centricity is fueling this new era of modern airline retailing. A recent survey by McKinsey indicates the true value of a customer-centric approach, with $40 billion annual value creation opportunity available to airlines. 


Revenue Uplift

According to an IATA Offers & Orders Business Case, airlines can expect to see an uplift of approx. $4.10 per PB through offers including cost savings associated with NDC. Likewise, on the order side, there is a revenue uplift and cost savings of approx. $1.70 per PB.* 


Competitive Edge

Future proof your airline and maintain competitive edge by preparing for this next generation of airline retailing.

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This whitepaper sets to explore how airlines can go back to first principles and accelerate value creation through customer-centric modern airline retailing for an Offers & Orders future. We provide expert insights into the benefits of an Offers & Orders future and the costs of doing nothing, products available today that will ready an airlines digital strategy for the future, transition pathways and what they look like for an airline, the importance of customer-centricity, while also providing top tips that airlines must be aware of before beginning the transition. 

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What Are Our Customers Saying....

Datalex continues to be an essential cog in the Aer Lingus digital transformation machine. The scalable product suite that Datalex provides will help enable Aer Lingus to continue to improve and refine our end-to-end digital customer experience. This is an essential part of our goal to ensure our customers can easily and quickly self-service on the channel of their choice.
Dave O'Donovan
Chief Digital & Information Officer
We want to continue to provide our customers with a leading digital experience and so our partnership with Datalex will offer us greater agility and opportunity around our merchandising capability, to ensure we provide customers with an even more innovative digital experience that they value and expect.
Stuart Birrell
Chief Data & Information Officer

Datalex is a highly valued partner to JetBlue in enabling our vision as a leader in innovation for our customers. We appreciate the partnership that allows us to differentiate JetBlue from our competitors.


Carol Clements
Chief Digital & Technology Officer
This continued partnership with Datalex and continued evolution of our digital retailing capabilities allows us to meet the needs and expectations of Air Transat’s customers and support our progression towards truly modern airline retailing. Moreover, Datalex is a key partner in enabling our interline / codeshare expansion which is an important growth strategy for Air Transat.
Bamba Sissko
Chief Information Officer
Datalex’s product suite and expert customer teams are absolutely essential to enhancing Edelweiss’s digital offering and we have continued to build on this strong relationship since first partnering together in 2016. Edelweiss is known for providing a great service on board with warmth and hospitality and this high level of customer engagement is enhanced by leveraging true digitisation.
Bernd Bauer
Datalex enables Air China to handle a huge volume of search and booking smoothly on big promotion events across all online channels.
Fajin Hu
Senior Manager eCommerce
At Aer Lingus, we are committed to putting the customer at the centre of everything we do and using innovative tech solutions to make this happen. This is why the potential offered by the Datalex Pricing AI product for more flexible, intelligent and customer-centric pricing is compelling. 
Susanne Carberry
Chief Customer Officer