This white paper by Travel in Motion is targeted at an airline audience, particularly decision makers in the commercial and distribution departments, including revenue management, pricing and ancillary disciplines of the airline who are responsible for revenue growth, with a particular focus on offer management within their organisation. The paper gives a view beyond what is done today in terms of dynamic pricing and takes it a step further – to dynamic offer creation. It looks at what is possible tomorrow, giving an insight into the potential gains that artificial intelligence might bring, and uncovers the benefits of clever use of data and smart algorithms. The objective of this paper is to clear some of the fog over the often- misused term "dynamic pricing", and to trigger discussions amongst business colleagues on the subject.  


  • Expectation vs reality 
  • Complicating things
  • Lifting the fog
  • Segmented contextual personalisation 
  • Taking big steps
  • See the horizon 
  • What next?