Datalex & AWS

Leading Airline Retail Together

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Datalex & AWS

Leading Airline Retail Together

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"In good times and challenging times, the airline industry has turned to partners like Datalex to help optimise their retailing.
And, to help provide the best products and services possible to the airlines we serve, Datalex has chosen to build on AWS."


Ryan Estes

VP of Technology at Datalex

Datalex Fully Managed Services & AWS Cloud Hosting 

The Datalex solution runs on the cloud and Datalex manages the relationship with the cloud provider as part of the managed services for our customers.

Datalex uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing Services as their standard cloud provider. AWS has locations throughout the world. If using the Datalex managed solution, Datalex proposes locating the solution in Dublin.

Datalex’s customer solutions are hosted from within dedicated AWS accounts to deliver optimal performance, uptime, and security.

The system is fully redundant and highly available across two availability zones. In the event of a disaster in either availability zone, the second facility will automatically take over.

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AWS 24x7 infrastructure and application monitoring alerts the Datalex team in real-time so that any issues can be remedied as soon as possible to minimise the impact on customers. Our experience and knowledge gained from hosting multiple customers is second to none. This has enabled us to fine-tune our monitoring, alerting, operational procedures, and runbooks to ensure reduced disruption to our customers.

Datalex uses AWS API Gateway for API management which provides key controls such as usage limits, rate limiting and access controls to ensure security and limits of the API are maintained for maximum performance. Our operational and development teams are aligned to ensure we have the expertise to set this up for optimal performance.

Security is paramount to Datalex’s hosting services. Numerous processes are in place to ensure the platform is built and managed with security at its core. This includes hardened systems, identity, and access control, monitoring and logging, WAF, DDOS mitigation and pen tested environments. Our acumen gives our customers reassurance that the people, processes and tools used to manage security are of the highest standard.

In addition to the environmental benefits inherently associated with running applications in the cloud, AWS has a long-term commitment to achieve 100% renewable energy for the global infrastructure. 

The AWS cloud is used for Production, Pre-Production (Staging) and Integration (Test) environments.

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Datalex | Quick Facts


Datalex office locations across 3 continents.
Billion dollars in annual revenues transacted by global airlines through Datalex Digital Commerce Platform.
Million dollars investment in Datalex Digital Commerce Platform. Offering over 800 Platform Capabilities.
Uptime via Datalex's partners at Amazon Web Services.

Our Products

Datalex is a market leader in digital commerce for travel retail. The Datalex product portfolio provides airlines with a unique solution to drive revenue and profit as digital retailers.

Drive Revenue with Datalex Merchandiser

Datalex Merchandiser covers all retailing touchpoints and points of sale, enabling airlines to deploy merchandising strategies across any channel, generating millions in ancillary revenue and optimising traveller engagement at any point in the customer journey.

Datalex Merchandiser is an airline-controlled merchandising product that allows the business users of airlines to create contextualised product and service offers across multiple sales channels – direct and indirect.

Omni-Channel Retailing with Datalex Direct

Datalex Direct powers next generation omni-channel retailing for airlines, allowing our airline customers to generate millions in additional revenue using our open technology platform, that lets you connect with providers and optimise merchandising opportunities anytime, anywhere and on any digital device.

Datalex Direct allows you to create a travel ecosystem accessible from any digital device and optimise your e-commerce strategies with a consumer-centric solution.

Integrate with product and services from third-party suppliers and distribute offers via any channel or on any device.

Providing powerful merchandise and service options that generate millions in additional revenues with a greater personalised travel experience.

NextGen Offer/Order with Datalex Dynamic

Datalex Dynamic is a next generation dynamic offer product that provides advanced price determination and product determination capability – enabling you to contextualise the products and prices offered across all channels, ecosystem partners and distributors.

Datalex Dynamic allows you to dynamically control and optimise all elements of the products and prices offered across all channels using highly performant price and product determination capabilities that supports all traditional (ATPCO-based) fares, as well as rules-driven dynamic pricing, with infinite scalability and lower total cost of ownership, designed specifically for the dynamic, high-transaction, omni-channel world of digital commerce and NDC.

NDC Level 4 Certified with Datalex NDC

Datalex NDC enables airlines to break free from legacy constraints to become customer-centric retailers. With Datalex NDC, customers can get their hands on great offers via the indirect channel (Agency, TMCs, OTAs, GDS and Meta) accessing full rich content plus a transparent shopping experience.

Datalex NDC enables airlines to transform the way air products are retailed by addressing the industry’s current distribution limitations.

Datalex NDC is an IATA NDC Level 4 certified solution, transforming airline retailing through the use of NDC standards and to support a community of NDC enabled airlines.


Case Studies


This is where we will showcase our AWS case studies like the upcoming PAL & AWS one. This is a widget that works with tags. Once we tag  a case study 'AWS' it will automatically appear in the list on the right.

This is where we will showcase our AWS case studies like the upcoming PAL & AWS one. This is a widget that works with tags. Once we tag  a case study 'AWS' it will automatically appear in the list on the right.



Architecture Overview


Join the world’s top airline brands benefitting from the most advanced future-proof retailing technologies– with the combination of our industry award-winning software solutions, leading-edge technologies and accelerated delivery–provides you with the reliability, scalability and performance, at the lowest possible TCO and maximum ROI.




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